Sudarshan Purohit, co-founder and CEO of Zenify.In, platform that simplifies housing rental!

“Once you have thought of solving some problem, start it, don’t wait for anything!”

“You should be a good leader first to run an organization”

“It’s not the action, it’s the response which makes the difference”

– Sudarshan Purohit, CEO and co-founder of “Zenify.In” (platform that simplifies housing rental)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Sudarshan Purohit, co-founder and CEO of “Zenify.In“. This is a platform that simplifies housing rental for both tenants and owners in India. They leverage a mix of technology, analytic, background screening and a standard agreement template for rentals. Also, key to their success is that they offer property management to owners and take up exclusive access to the apartment. This ensures hassle free renting experience for both owners and tenants

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