Update as on 5/June/2016 – Currently the Top Podcasts are on hold due to issues with tracking accurate listens. However you can read below for what was the Top podcasts till May 2016

Every week, the top listened podcasts (Top Podcasts) are calculated and displayed below. This is an aggregate of the # of listens on MixCloud, number of downloads (Because a high percentage of listens is via offline downloading) and RSS feed listens. Currently iTunes doesn’t provide download statistics and Stitcher radio stats are broken, so these are not included in the calculations

Currently the Top Podcasts list the Top 5 listened shows on the site

Mahesh Jakhetiya’s podcast (ShopEzzy)(Episode 8) continues to remain at #1. This episode has been #1 since the Top Podcast pages were introduced back in Oct 2015. The total number of listens is 737, up a few listens from last week.

Ambarish Kumar’s (Kalimba Radio Episode 12)  podcast continues getting decent traction and remains in 2nd place with 671 listens. It no longer looks like it can catch up #1, but can it hold onto the #2 spot? Given that this episode is 6 months old, this is just simply awesome!

Puneet Jain of InvestKart (Episode 23) retains #3 spot. This episode is doing pretty well and has now 638 listens. With this episode only released 3 months back,it has already climbed up from #5 to #4 to #3 now. Will it continue the charge?

Manoj Surya of Zenty (Episode 19) remains at #4 this week. This episode has a total of 623 listens and is close on the heels of #3. Can it challenge the #3 spot?

Episode 10 with Rachna Ghiya of Crisptalks proves to be well liked. This retains #5 spot this week and has had a total of 621 listens. Great job for an episode that’s 7 months old! And it looks like it may still challenge the Top 5 since it’s close on the heels of #4! Sweet!

Close on the heels of the Top 5 are Jatin Solanki of EduisFun(Episode 20) and Ganesh Balakrishnan of Momoe (Episode 22) with 617 and 610 listens respectively!

Last week’s debutante (the 1st non-Indian founder on the show) Danielle Tate of MissNowMrs (Episode 40) had a par opening with about 350 listens. Let’s see if this racks up more listens in the coming days

This week, we have Devang Sanghvi and Vivek Kejriwal of OneWay.cab debuting (Episode 41). They’re India’s  leader in the one way cab rental market, but let’s see if they can be a leader in our Top podcasts!

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Top Podcasts as on 29/May/2016

RankDescription# of listensListen to the show
1In this week’s episode, we talk to Mahesh Jakhetiya, the founder and CEO of shopEZZY and how he came up with the idea of “Helping people claim their weekends back”. He did this by solving his own problem, i.e. weekend grocery shopping. Mahesh goes into depth about how his company is focusing on their core competence, i.e. technology without unnecessarily getting into logistics and delivery which to my ears sounds like a great winning model

Mahesh’s biggest blow came when he was cheated in business, but as an entrepreneur, he did the only thing founders do. That’s right, brush off the bruises and continue again! He also talks about his plans for expansion into 20 major cities in the country and how his previous experience in the hyperlocal space helped him. We had such a great time talking and I am so excited to bring you this episode

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How shopEZZY is helping people claim their weekends back! by Foundersgyan on Mixcloud

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2In this week’s episode, we talk to Mr. Ambarish Kumar, co-founder and CTO of KalimbaRadio. This is a startup that provides on-demand Zambian music (and African music) to fans around the world. Ambarish talks about how the founding team’s love for music united them to come up with this idea

Ambarish talks about how this team has made it even though the founders are in different locations. He talks a bit about the future plans and how Zambians around the world can now even their favorite tracks on the app/website. In simple words, KalimbaRadio is disrupting the radio industry in the Zambian and African markets. This is surely the future of African music streaming!

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How Kalimba Radio is disrupting traditional broadcast of Zambian music! by Foundersgyan on Mixcloud

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3In this week’s episode, we talk to Puneet Jain, one of the founders and Chief Data Scientist of InvestKart. This is a platform that aims to be the one stop platform for all your financial needs. Puneet argues that it makes no sense for customers to jump between sites for investments, loans, insurance etc. Investkart brings all these financial needs of a customer under one single website

Puneet just finished college last year, but already has had a stint as an entrepreneur before InvestKart. He’s one of the youngest entrepreneurs on the show (in fact the youngest so far). But, make no mistake. He gives serious gems of wisdom and advice for would-be founders. He talks about some of the pitfalls that founders face and how to overcome them. This was such a great show that it was a pity we had to squeeze it into half hour.

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How InvestKart aims to be THE platform for all financial needs! by Foundersgyan on Mixcloud

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4In this week’s episode, we talk to Mr. Manoj Surya, founder of Zenty. This is a startup that helps communities find sponsors for the events that they run. The entire concept is online which makes it that much more easier for other startups and communities.

Manoj talks about his past experience with other online communities. He goes on to describe how he understood that his passion is around communities. He then decided to come up with a way to help them! Manoj also goes in-depth about a few basic steps that every startup needs to follow in order to be on the path to success. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find our more. You can also understand a bit more about how communities find sponsors for their events through the platform!

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How Zenty helps communities find sponsors for their events! by Foundersgyan on Mixcloud

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5In this week’s episode, we talk to Rachna Ghiya,the founder of CrispTalks. This is a startup that provides awesome, affordable videos to startups. Rachna talks about her background in design and how she came up with this idea when she found out how expensive video production costs are.

Rachna is also the Jaipur city mayor of EntrepreneurCafe. This not for profit organization organizes founder meetups over a cup of coffee. She goes into detail about her role as part of this. She also talks about how she helps women entrepreneurs personally to succeed in their startups.

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How CrispTalks delivers affordable animated videos by Foundersgyan on Mixcloud

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