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Podcast with Tanushreee and Digvijay Dey, founders of Jhalmishti. A platform that empowers women sellers

“Solve a problem!”

“Stay motivated; even if you fall, get up…”

“Have patience; things will steadily, slowly work out!”

– Tanushree and Digvijay Dey, founders of “Jhalmishti” (a platform for women sellers)

In this week’s episode, we talk to husband and wife team of Digvijay and Tanushree Dey. They’re the founders of Jhalmishti. This is a startup that aims to create a marketplace for women sellers.  The site helps small time women sellers like housewives, college graduates etc. by showcasing their products. These cover categories like home decor, accessories for women etc.

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Tanushress and Digvijay talk about their prior experiences and how they came up with this idea. They also provide valuable words of wisdom for any would-be founders. They talk about the lessons learnt during their own journey and this is a great show for anyone interested in starting up. If you’re interested in ecommerce or women sellers, then all the more reason for you to listen and explore their site

Resources that the team mentions on the show

  • Jhalmishti.in – The site that has created a marketplace for women sellers. Check them out for some really cool handmade stuff by women sellers
  • Tanushree and Digvijay recommend books about Steve Jobs
  • You can reach them via Facebook or @jhalmishti
  • They’re also available on Whatsapp @+91 0 91480 44651

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Have you used Jhalmishti? Do you think it succeeds in empowering women sellers? Tanushree, Digvijay and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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