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Alekh Sanghera, Uber for Farming Equipment

“…a pilot programme provides you the foundation for building a product”

“Try to be as objective as possible (during market research)”

“Mentorship in India is not that well developed”

– Alekh Sanghera, co-founder of FarMart(platform that is literally the Uber for Farming Equipment!)

In this week’s episode, we chat with Alekh Sanghera, one of the founders of FarMart. This is a platform for farming equipment rentals. As a result, this platform is poised to be the Uber for Farming Equipment! Alekh recounts his first hand experience with the issues farmers face in hiring equipment. He and his co-founders were doing research work in rural areas when the idea first struck them.

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Alekh recounts the background of his founders and how they decided to do something for the rural India. This is an inspiring story and one not to be missed! We discuss in detail about the importance of market research and this forms our deep-dive section for this episode. Listen to the episode and get ready to be inspired!

 Following are the resources that Alekh mentions:

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What do you think of the concept of FarMart? Do you believe that this can be the Uber for Farming Equipment? Alekh and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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