Prajakt Raut, founder of Applyifi, helps startups get small rounds of funding

“My personal mission in life is to be able to assist 100,000 people to be entrepreneurs”

“The role of an entreprenuer (in the startup journey) is to take off as many risks off the table as possible”

“A product is just a starting point, not a business…”

– Prajakt Raut, Founder of (Helping startups get small rounds of funding)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Mr. Prajakt Raut, co-founder of Applyifi. This startup helps early stage startups get small rounds of funding that are < Rs. 1 crore. This is a difficult situation for any startup and Applyifi simplifies this issue through the means of an online process that includes scorecards, pitch decks, access to incubators etc.

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