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Hiring for startups with Geektrust.In founders

“If you value hiring, if you value people, you should engage!”

“Nobody wants to create a resume!”

“Too many startups check for (a candidate’s) weakness!”

– Sneha Jain and Krishnan Nair, founders of GeekTrust (platform that uses coding challenges to do hiring for startups )

This week, we catch up with the founders of GeekTrust. They’re Krishnan Nair and Sneha Jain. And our topic that we discuss in-depth is “Hiring for Startups”. Their platform is one which aims to this process fun from a candidate’s perspective. Hence, they do this through coding challenges which eliminates the need for resumes!

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Both the founders met at a previous company and realized the need for a platform that can be used to explore startup jobs. Hence, the seed for this startup was born. They give great advice both from a candidate’s perspective as well as from a hiring manager (or startup’s) perspective. Hence, If you’re looking for a startup job or looking to hire people for your own startup, this is a must-listen episode!

 Following are the resources that Sneha and Krishnan mention on the show:

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