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Kobby, founder of ThePirl, tips for hardware based startups

“For someone who has an idea, you want to turn it into a picture as soon as you can…”

“The overall thing to keep in mind is always to make something that a lot of people want!”

“Imagine big and take small steps”

– Kobby Osei-Kusi – founder of ThePirl – during our talk on “Tips for hardware based startups”

Firstly, I’m super excited today to be bringing to you a topic that is very relevant to all hardware based startups. The topic for the day is “Tips for Hardware Based Startups”. And we are talking with Kobby, who is the founder of a hardware based startup. We cover a lot of useful tips and tricks with regards to hardware based startups and how they can succeed in today’s environment!

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The founder has been running his startup for about 2 years now and who better to learn from than an expert? He gives us actionable tips, tricks and pitfalls with regards to building hardware based startups! This is a power packed episode that is a must for all startups! So what are you waiting for? So, go ahead and click the play button above!

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