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Growth hacking for startups, 23yards CEO Vishnu Saran

“Humans consume four things. Food, Air, Water and Content!”

“Don’t just consider CPC; consider CPM too”

“You need to have a really good growth team in your startup”

– Vishnu Saran, founder and CEO of 23Yards (startup that provides growth hacking services for startups)

This week, we catch up with the founder and CEO of 23Yards. We talk in-depth about growth hacking and how startups can do this successfully. Vishnu’s company is pretty new, but he has a ton of experience behind him in the field, having worked as marketing and growth hacking lead for several startups.

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There is some fantastic pieces of advice that Vishnu gives on the show. Growth hacking is complex, but doable. Vishnu gives simple steps that is easy for startups to use and incorporate into their own growth strategy. Any company serious about scaling and growing should listen to this and implement the techniques mentioned on the show.

 Following are the resources that Vishnu mentions on the show:

  • 23Yards – Growth hacking service (mainly for startups)
  • Vishnu mentions a ton of resources on the show. These include:
  • Reach out to Vishnu via email – Vishnu AT 23yards.com or Linkedin or call/whatsapp him at +91 98482 94152

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