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DIY marketing for startups with Neil Patel

“The marketers who win are creative, they think outside the box!”

“…if it doesn’t beneift your user and make their experience better, who cares? “

“Marketing is about testing”

– Neil Patel, marketing guru and serial entrepreneur on advice regarding DIY marketing for startups!

This week, we catch up with the one and only Neil Patel. Neil is a serial entrepreneur and considered by many as the guru of marketing. This is a very short interview that lasts only about 20 minutes, but a power packed one. Neil gives great gems of wisdom on how to do DIY Marketing for startups; that not only can be used by startups, but established companies as well.

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We start off with a quick brief about Neil and then dive right into the meaty stuff. Neil gives solid advice on marketing that can be used by startups to accelerate their growth. Hence, this is a must listen episode for anybody serious about DIY marketing for their own startups. Don’t miss it!

 Following are the resources that Neil mentions on the show:

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