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Ambarish Kumar, CTO of Kalimba Radio, bringing on-demand Zambian music

“Work hard and believe in yourselves”

“Why to build something completely new when it’s already existing and done in a really good way by somebody else”

– Ambarish Kumar, CTO and co-founder, KalimbaRadio; (a music player that provides on-demand Zambian music to fans around the world!)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Mr. Ambarish Kumar, co-founder and CTO of KalimbaRadio. This is a startup that provides on-demand Zambian music (and African music) to fans around the world.  Ambarish talks about how the founding team’s love for music united them to come up with this idea

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Ambarish talks about how this team has made it even though the founders are in different locations. He talks a bit about the future plans and how Zambians around the world can now even their favorite tracks on the app/website. In simple words, KalimbaRadio is disrupting the radio industry in the Zambian and African markets. This is surely the future of African music streaming!

Resources that Ambarish mentions on the show

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Have you personally used KalimbaRadio? Did it help quench your thirst for on-demand Zambian music? Ambarish and us would love to know. Drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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