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Application Security with WE45 founder, Abhay Bhargav

“We tend to focus so much on prevention that we forget about detection and correction”

“Know where you stand (in terms of security)”

“Functionality is important, but rejecting security at the cost of functionality can be fatal!”

– Abhay Bhargav, founder and CEO of WE45 (Application Security experts)

This week, we catch up with the founder and CEO of WE45 and talk in-depth about “Application Security considerations” for startups. Also, WE45 is an expert in the field and provide consultation for all sizes of IT companies over several years. Abhay is also a successful author and a major contributor to OWasp

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There is some fantastic pieces of advice that Abhay gives on the show. Every startup should listen to this. And shore up their own application security by following the simple steps provided on the show. Finally, Application Security is a mindset and should be taken seriously by startups. Hence it’s necessary for those who want to scale and grow!

 Following are the resources that Abhay mentions on the show:

  • WE45 – Security experts who provide application security consulting for companies of all sizes
  • OWasp.org is a great resource that Abhay mentions multiple times on the show.
  • He has authored a book on security called “Secure Java for Web Application Development
  • You can reach out to Abhya via Linkedin, follow him @abhaybhargav.
  • Also you can email him via Abhay AT we45.com

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What do you think of the concept of WE45? Is your startup secure? Finally, will you take your 1st steps on application security after listening to this show? Abhay and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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