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In this week’s podcast, we talk to Alok Shankar, one of the founders of Nudgespot.com, which is aiming to simpify the way businesses communicate with customers. He talks about his background and how he along with his co-founders came up with this idea and their path towards implementing the same

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Alok talks about the current challenges businesses face and gives his gyan and wisdom to would-be founders on how to come up with a great idea (hint: the key is it needs to be an idea that people are willing to pay). He also has an excellent stress buster in the morning — I bet you wouldn’t guess this one till you listen to the episode!

Nudgespot Co-Founders


Resources that Alok mentions in the show:

  • www.nudgespot.com — the product that Alok and his co-founders came up with. Go ahead and try it out now for free!
  • You can search for “Alok Shankar Nudgespot” to find him on twitter and facebook
  • You can follow him @alok_shankar on twitter
  • Alok recommends Ted Talks as a way to get knowledge if you have 15 minutes to spare between work
  • He also recommends trusty old Wikipedia to gain insight into subjects that you don’t know about.

This was such a great episode and I would like to thank Alok again for sharing his knowledge, wisdom and gyan with our listeners.

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