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Able Joseph @ Aisle.co

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Able Joseph, the founder of Aisle.co — a site that aims to revolutionize the dating concept for Indians across the globe. He talks a bit into his background and some of his failures and how a breakup helped him come up with his current venture.

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Able talks about the current dating models and how Aisle.co is different and in many ways better. He also gives his advice to would be founders to first build their knowledge before starting a new venture and also gives the very pertinent advice that tech startups aren’t the only ones with a huge market. But, did Able actually solve his own problem and meet that special someone via Aisle? Well, you have to hear the episode to find out!

Resources that Able mentions in the show:

  • www.aisle.co — Off course, this is the site that we’re featuring. Go ahead and register for free!
  • Able is best contacted via email at [email protected]
  • Able is currently reading “How to make someone love you forever” — not because he wants somebody to do that, but to learn more about the online love game. And he recommends that you read books relevant to your business
  • He also recommends “The Art of Asking” — again, this is because it is useful to him and he recommends self-help book that help you build your knowledge

We talked for such a long time that this became a really long episode and I want to thank Able for his time and we had such a great time in recording this podcast. I hope you do enjoy this as much as we did in putting this together!

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