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In this podcast, we talk to Sunil Chaula, the Founder and CEO of WiWiGo.com where he shares his knowledge and wisdom of how he came up with the idea of WiWiGo.com, a website providing inter-city cab rental at one way fares.

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He also talks about the challenges he faced and gives a bit of insight about what works as a stress buster for him (and no, it’s not meditation! You have to listen to the show to understand this!)

Resources that Sunil mentions in the show:

  • www.WiWiGo.com — his company where you can use for booking intercity cabs at one-way rates!
  • www.brandbucket.com — website to get creative ideas for your domain name
  • You can search for his full name “Sunil Chaula” to find him on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • You can follow him @TapedOut on twitter
  • Sunil recommends that you read Paul Graham’s articles at www.PaulGraham.com to get ideas and inspirations about starting up
  • He also recommends that you read Neil Patel’s blog to get knowledge about marketing

This was such a great episode and I would like to thank Sunil again for sharing his knowledge, wisdom and gyan with our listeners.

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