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Like Girl Birth -helps celebrate birth of girl child!

“Every day, when I meet the mothers and daughers, they give me a smile and say ‘You’re doing an awesome job!'”

“BBC is a great resource for females who aspire to become an entrepreneur”

“Get some emotional touch in your startup”

– Rohit Nayak, Campaign coordinator of “Like Girl Birth” (helps celebrate birth of girl child! )

In this week’s episode, we talk to Mr. Rohit Nayak, campaign coordinator of “Like Girl Birth”. This is a campaign that wants to celebrate the birth of girl child! This is such a terrific initiative for a country like India and FoundersGyan is proud to support this in association with the good folks over at Entrepreneur Cafe

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Why are we featuring a social awareness campaign instead of a tech startup? It’s because Rohit won the #AGC2015 contest. This gave him a free pass to the AGC 2015 event at Delhi happening right now. Also, his advice for being an “unstoppable entrepreneur” beat many other entries and was adjudged the winner of the contest! You can read further details over at the AGC 2015 contest page

Resources that Rohit mentions on the show

  • Like Girl Birth – The campaign. If you’re interested in helping out / spreading joy or just generally want to celebrate birth of girl child, their facebook page is the 1st point of contact!
  • AGC 2015 – the “Annual Global Convention” – a yearly meetup that “Entrepreneur Cafe” organizes. You’re late for this year’s convention, but you can join the group and get more info on upcoming events
  • www.bbc.com – Rohit believes this is a tremendous resource for inspiring entrepreneurs. Especially aspiring female entrepreneurs

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Have you attended any campaigns by “Like Girl Birth“? Did it help you celebrate birth of girl child? Rohit and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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