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Video advertising for startups with Shortfundly founder Selvam

“The key differentiator (in online video ads is engagement) is engagement”

“We need more startups in media advertising!”

“Keep building great teams!”

– Selvam M, founder of Shortfundly in our discussion about video advertising for startups

Firstly, I’m super excited today to be bringing to you a topic that is relevant to all startups. The topic for the day is “Video Advertising for Startups”. And we talk to Selvam, whose startup “ShortFundly” is a Linkedin for filmmakers. Who better to give us gyan on video advertising for startups than an expert in the field!

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Selvam comes with a rich background in video and media advertising. He gives actionable tips, tricks and pitfalls with regards to video advertising for startups. This is a short, but nugget filled episode where we explore one of the major forms of advertising these days! You don’t want to miss this episode! So, go ahead and click the play button above!

 Following are the resources that Selvam mentions on the show:

  • Shortfundly – Linkedin for short film makers, the startup of today’s guest
  • IAB – International Advertising Bureau – a must of learning about advertising in general
  • Rachna Ghiya was mentioned on the show. She runs “Crisptalks“, a site for creating video advertising for startups. And we covered her way back in Episode 10
  • Selvam can be reached via his Linkedin profile

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