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 Himanshu founder of Startify,eases struggles of startup!

“Pick up ideas which are impactful!”

“When you have the will, the way is always there!”

“Stop making agendas and start living the present!”

–  Himanshu, co-founder of Startify (eases the struggles of startup journey)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Himanshu. He is one of the founders of Startify. This is an accelerator that aims to ease the struggles of startup journey. They do this by providing guidance and incubation services to startups. Himanshu talks about how his own journey into the startup world and the struggles inspired him to start this venture.

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Himanshu and his co-founders are still in college. They were also recently acquired! You can read more about the acquisition at inc42BW Disrupt and DealStreetAsia. Though very young, Himanshu gives some real good gems of wisdom and advice making this an episode not to be missed!

Following are the resources that Himanshu shares with us on the show:

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How do you like the concept of Startify? Do you think it helps ease the struggles of startup? Himanshu and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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