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Madhulika and Tushar, founders of Survaider, helps decode textual reviews

“Ideas are worthless unless its what people want!”

“Always sell before you start building!”

“…you have to get used to failing…”

–  Madhulika Mukherjee and Tushar Mishra, founders of Survaider (A SaaS platform for small businesses to decode textual reviews)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Madhulika and Tushar. They’re the founders of Survaider. This is a platform that helps small businesses run their business better, by helping them decode textual reviews via NLP and Machine Learning techniques. Tushar and Mahdulika are part of the young breed of entrepreneurs, having just finished college a few years ago.

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The founders talk about their journey and how they aimed to revolutionize the world of surveys. A failed venture and a pivot later, Survaider was born. Full of wit, humor and direct this episode offers sound advice to both young as well as veteran founders. This is an episode that you don’t want to miss!

Following are the resources that Madhulika and Tushar share with us on the show:

  • Survaider – Their platform that heps to decode textual reviews. If you’re a small business, you can sign up for a free trail – no credit card required!
  • Book that they recommend are “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman
  • Contact Madhulika via Linkedin, Facebook or follow her @Madhulika_1511
  • Contact Tushar via Linkedin, Facebook or follow him @tushar71993
  • Email is also a good way to get in touch with them. They can be reached via madhulika AT survaider.com or tushar AT survaider.com or info AT survaider.com

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Do you like the concept of Survaider? Do you think algorithms can decode textual reviews better or equal to humans? Tushar, Madhulika and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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