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Trip38 makes business travel stress free

“We help business travel become stress free!”

“If you can explain what you’re solving to your grandma, half the battle is won!”

“Perseverance is key, so never give up!” 

– Seshadri Krishnan, Co-founder, Trip38.com

In this week’s episode, we talk to Seshadri Krishnan (fondly known as Sesh), one of the founders of Trip38. Sesh talks about his background in the travel business and how his team was able to solve the pain of business travel after the booking part gets over. Sesh gets candid and explains how he boldly jumped into the startup system after spending 15 years in a corporate setup and how things evolved for him personally and for his business.

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Sesh gives excellent advice for would-be entrepreneurs and shares many tips that will be useful for any budding founder. Sesh is an avid marathon runner and does many activities that help him get better at running. Trip38 is solving a key problem in the business travel space and their success is only going to continue, so this is a company to watch out for. They recently got a round of funding that is only going to propel them into making business travel even more stress free! (if that’s even a proper way of putting it!)

Why is their company called “Trip 38”? Well, you gotta listen to the episode to find out! I’m not saying anything more! 🙂

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Resources that Sesh mentions on the show

  • www.trip38.com — Helping business travel become stress free. This is a B2B company and if you’re a travel agent or running your startup which needs a lot of travel, they’re the company to contact.
  • Sesh is actively reading about “Growth Hacking” these days. So, it may be something to read about yourself if you want to take your startup to the next level
  • Books that Sesh recommends are — “Build to Last” and “Zero to One” 
  • Contact Sesh either via LinkedIn or @SeshKrish

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Have you personally used Trip38? Did it help your business travel become stress free? Sesh and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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