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foundersgyan poolmyride ride sharing app Abhishek and Rajat Talwar

In this week’s episode, we talk to Abhishek and Rajat Talwar, two techie brothers who founded PoolMyRide.com – a car and ride sharing app. They share their knowledge and journey so far and how they’re on the path of being problem solvers rather than problem creators!

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We had such a great time putting this episode together and Abhishek and Rajat come clean on things that nobody, not even their close friends know about! You have to listen to the episode to find out more. They also talk about the future of PoolMyRide and the exciting things that are in store for their users

Resources that Abhishek and Rajat mention on the show:

Bonus Tip: Abhishek’s gyan (Advice) was in Hindi and for non-hindi folks, it roughly translates to “”when techies come out for a break during work and talk amongst themslves and crib ‘I’ll leave this company’, Leave it and try something on your own and see where it leads you”

We had a great time producing this show and hope you enjoy listening to it too.

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