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Tushar, founder of Intellectual Property registration for startups

“I believe it’s more than the idea, it’s the execution part”

“It’s really important to know when to stop…”

“Fail quick, fail cheap!”

–  Tushar Bhargava, founder of Marcas(startup that does Intellectual Property registration for startups)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Tushar Bhargava, one of the founder of Marcas. This is a great platform for all new startups to register their IPs. Tushar talks about how his own difficulties in trademark registration led to creation of this platform. Their aim is simple. They do Intellectual Property registration for startups for free. If you’re a startup, you only have to pay the government fees. Everything else is taken care by Marcas!

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A lawyer by education and profession, Tushar talks about the basics of Intellectual Property registration for startups. Though Tushar is an young entrepreneur, he gives great wisdom and knowledge to would-be founders. So, don’t miss this episode, there is a lot to learn!

#AskMarcas campaign!

Marcas have been kind enough to partner with us to provide a forum for all startups to ask questions related to trademark registration. Simply use the hashtag #AskMarcas and ask your question. We’ll answer this in an upcoming session of FoundersGyan. Also, we will be having a special segment on upcoming episodes in association with Marcas to clear out misconceptions related to trademark and IP registration.

Following are the resources that Tushar mentions:

  • Marcas – Platform to do Intellectual Property registration for startups for free! If you’re a startup, check them out. The cost is only around Rs.4000 and that is the government fees. Marcas is doing this service currently for free!
  • #AskMarcas – Use this hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to get your questions answered on trademark and IP related matters
  • Tushar likes reading autobiographies. He recommends “Before Memory Fades” by Fali S. Nariman as a great read!
  • You can reach out to him via Linkedin, follow him on Twitter @bhargavatushar and he’s also very active on Quora

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Do you like the concept of Marcas? Do you think  Intellectual Property (IP) registration for startups is required? Tushar and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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