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Piya Bose, founder of Girls On The Go Club, empowers women travelers!

“Never dismiss the power of being crazy (because that’s where the best of ideas are really born)”

“Absence of money pushes you to innovation!”

“Everything is nothing with a twist”

– Piya Bose, founder of “Girls On The Go Club” (platform that empowers women travelers!)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Piya Bose, founder of “Girls On The Go Club” (shortly known as GOTG). GOTG empowers women travelers by giving them a platform for travel and exploration. GOTG is an only for women travel club that takes women travelling to new and exotic destinations like Ladakh, Nagaland, Egypt, Spain, Antarctica etc.

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Piya talks about her background as a corporate lawyer and how she quit her job one day and traveled to Nepal. She recounts the moment when the spark for her idea came one night and how things started falling into place. She gives some great advice for would-be entrepreneurs and doesn’t shy away from giving frank advice. This is a great show not to be missed!

Following are the resources that Piya shares with us on the show:

  • Girls On The Go Club — A all women travel group! Visit them to learn more about how the platform empowers women travelers!
  • Piya recommends “Arthashastra” as a good read for all founders (it certainly is a different recommendation for sure!)
  • Get in touch with her via Facebook, Twitter or email her via girlsonthegoclub AT gmail.com

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Have you used Girls On The Go Club? Do you agree that the platform empowers women travelers? Piya and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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