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Amit Sharda, founder of FundExpert, makes investing simple in Indian mutual funds

“….ultimately, it’s upto you to decide what is best for you!”

“Transparency is key to building and maintaining trust”

“If you really believe there is a problem to be solved, there is no right time or wrong time to start…just go for it!”

–  Amit Sharda, founder of FundExpert(helps investing very simple in Indian mutual funds)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Amit Sharda, one of the founders of FundExpert. This is a platform that makes investing simple in Indian mutual funds, especially for newbie investors! Amit talks about his background as a software engineer and his own frustration in trading. Which ultimately led him to build TradersCockpit. This in turn, led to the creation of FundExpert

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Amit gives some great advice and tons of helpful tips for startup founders. He also takes us in-depth into Algorithm design. Remember that FundExpert is algorithm intensive and who better to teach us algorithms? Amit also talks about the various services his platform provides, including the revolutionary “Robo-Advisor” one! We had a great time in recording this episode; so don’t miss this one!

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Following are the resources that Amit mentions:

  • FundExpert–   If you’ve been putting off investing in Indian markets, then this is for you. They make investing simple in Indian mutual funds
  • Check out the FundExpert blog over at blog.fundexpert.in
  • You can reach out to Amit via Linkedin or follow him @amitams. You can also email amit AT fundexpert.in

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Do you like the concept of FundExpert? Do you think it makes investing simple in Indian mutual funds? Amit and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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