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Amar Parkash, founder of CustTap, platform that helps local stores

“Whenever you have an idea, you need to first do research (before writing any code)”

“Always have a Plan B!”

“You should be focused on your end goal!”

–  Amar Parkash, founder of CustTap (platform that helps local stores compete with big chains!)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Amar Parkash, founder of CustTap. This is a platform that helps local stores compete with box chains! They do this by allowing data driven analytics at an affordable cost. What’s more, this is a cloud driven platform enabling vendors to plug in and out as needed.

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Amar has had verious engineering roles at several big companies. This includes goibibo and Paypal. He talks about the spark for his idea when he noticed that smaller vendors couldn’t afford solutions on a budget. Amar’s advice is to the point and is a must for any startup founder. This is one episode that you don’t want to miss!

Following are the resources that Amar shares with us on the show:

  • CustTap – Amar’s company – a cloud based solution that helps local stores with data driven analytics
  • He recommends the following books – “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowtiz and “Traction” by the founders of DuckDuckGo
  • He also recommends the YouTube series – “How to start a startup“. This is a 19 video series by the Y-combinator founders
  • You can get in touch with Amar via email – amar AT custtap.com

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How do you like the concept of CustTap? Do you think this actually helps local stores stay competitive against big box retailers? Amar and us would love to know, drop us an email at ram AT foundersgyan.com or use the comments box below!

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