Advaith and Siddarth, founders of, helping relieve anxiety of pet lovers

“Balance the idea with intution and evidence!”

“We have a check in regular intervals, but we try not to pinpoint every detail of daily activities…”

“We end up focusing too much on getting into a startup and being an entrepreneur…it is very important that’s not the only parameter!”

–  Advaith Mohan and Siddarth Darbha, founders of Wagr (wearable that aims to help pet lovers)

In this week’s episode, we talk to Advaith Mohan and Siddarth Darbha. They’re the founders of Wagr. This is a startup that aims to mange the anxiety of pet lovers! They do this by a wearable that monitors all aspects of your pet like health, movement, sleep time etc. The development of the product and hardware is still ongoing, but you can expect to see this hit the markets pretty soon

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